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What Are My FHA Refinance Options?

The Federal Housing Administration has lowered some of their fees for certain qualifying FHA loans. Fill out the FHA Fast Track form, or give us a call and see if you qualify for these new lower fees.

RanLife Home Loans is 3X Faster than Most Banks and Credit Unions.

RanLife will close your FHA streamline refinance faster than most lenders. Don't wait arround to close on your FHA Streamline. Fill out our online application and start saving today!

Did You Know FHA Rates are at Historical Lows?

If you currently have an FHA mortgage you can take advantage of the extremely low FHA rates and NO closing costs*.

What is FHA's Version of HARP?

Did you know that many homeowners may qualify for FHA's HARP program? FHA's HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) is a government program created to help homeowners refinance their current FHA mortgage loan if their mortgage amount is higher than their home's LTV (loan amount to home value).

FHA's HARP also allows for homeowners to have lower monthly mortgage insurance and almost no upfront mortgage insurance. Your loan needs to meet certain requirements to receive the lower MIP and Upfront MIP. Get on the FHA Fast Track to see if you qualify.

*Certain Restrictions apply. See rate assumptions for more information. All closing costs are paid for by lender credit