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What Are My Home Purchase Options?

Finding the right mortgage program for your home purchase will help guarantee a foundation for successful homeownership. We have the tools, resources, and knowledge of the industry needed to help you with the home buying decisions that will occur along the way.

With RanLife, a mortgage preapproval is fast and easy and with so many loan programs to choose from, we offer the best option for any homebuyer's mortgage goals or financial needs. Learn which programs are right for you.

Most Popular Home Loan Programs
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Home Purchase Mortgage Calculator

Want to estimate what your monthly mortgage payment will be? With RANLife's Free Home Purchase Mortgage Calculator you can quickly figure out the monthly payments of a home mortgage loan. Try it out today!

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Cameron Bishop
VP of Home Loans Sales

"Home ownership is financially and emotionally impactful. At RANLife we take pride in helping others realize their goals and achievements."

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I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, time, and support during the purchase of our new home. You walked me through every step and were so great in keeping in contact with me. When I became discouraged you kept me going on track. I have worked with other loan officers in the past and none compare! I would definitely recommend you to anyone! Thanks again for helping us into our new home.

Angie Rogers