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About RanLife

RanLife is a leader in residential lending. With our in-house staff and direct lender relationships with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae, we've eliminated the middleman.

RANLife runs all of our operations from Sandy, Utah, part of the greater Salt Lake City metropolitan area. We have in-house processors, underwriters, funders, and closers available at all times to speed up the mortgage process. Because everything is done in-house, we've eliminated the need to outsource or depend on third parties to get the job done. As such we have the ability to close loans two times faster than our competition.

After the first few years in the lending industry, we discovered that the service that some real estate agents provided our mortgage customers fell short of the level of dedication that we provide. Consequently, we incorporated RanLife Real Estate Inc. and have since recruited the finest Associates and Brokers of Utah to be part of the RanLife Team. We've found that the working relationship between our Mortgage Consultants and our Real Estate Agents creates a synergy unique in the industry and makes the purchase process quick and hassle free.

Ultimately, RANLife's goal is to provide the best home lending options in the nation with unsurpassed service. We do this through our highly knowledgeable and professional staff, our great service and low rate guarantee, and by maintaining the strong relationships we have built with our clientele. We are here to meet and exceed your expectations. Through our network of realtors, builders, appraisers and home inspectors, you can trust that you are in good hands when you get a home loan with RanLife.

Our mission is in our name. We want to provide more than a one-time experience, so we have our Customer for Life program, to provide you with ongoing benefits. We are your mortgage professionals today, tomorrow, for life--RanLife.