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A reverse mortgage is really quite simple. Basically you can release the equity in your home as money for you, it can be yours without having to make any mortgage payments or without selling your house. Unlike a forward mortgage where you make payments and are given a sum of money to buy or refinance your loan, a reverse mortgage can help you pay off your mortgage (somewhat like a refinance) or you can take out the equity from the property in the form of a loan. The bonus is that no payments are due, however the interest accrues to the back end of the loan and as your home increases in value this offsets your costs.

  • No Loan Payment Required As Long As You Live in Your Home
  • Retain Full Ownership of Your Home
  • Tax-Free Funds As Long As You Live in Your Home.
  • You and Your Heirs are Protected in Case of Housing Market Declines.
  • Qualifying is based on the borrower's age, current interest rates and the value of the home, not the homeowner's credit or employment status.
  • Fees may be financed as part of the mortgage. The borrower incurs little out-of-pocket expenses to obtain the reverse mortgage

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a mortgage program specifically created for anyone who is 62 or older who owns their home (those with mortgages also qualify), would like to eliminate any mortgage payments, and keep living in their home during retirement while also benefiting from the equity from their homes.

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