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Buying Your First Home

It's your first home but it's not our first mortgage. That's why you can count on a RanLife home loan expert to guide you through the home buying process. We have the tools, resources, and expertise to make your first home buying experience easy and hassle free. Getting a mortgage preapproval with RanLife is the first step towards owning your first home. Find out how much you are preapproved for by giving us a call or filling out a quick application online.

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"As a first-time home owner, I'll admit... I went into this whole thing blind. The folks I worked with at RANLife were very patient and broke down the whole process for me and made it very easy for me to understand. I was able to successfully purchase my home feeling comfortable with everything. After five months of searching, I found my house, and only waited 21 days, from offer acceptance to closing. I closed on my house three weeks ago today, and I LOVE IT.

Emily Warburton