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Construction Loans

Save Time And Money. Build Your Dream Home Today.

Building a home can be an exciting venture but it also means your attention will be focused on the sticks, the bricks and everything in between. RANLife is a one-stop shop, so choosing the loan to finance your dream home is easy!

Let us save you time and money with our One-Time Close Construction Loan from RANLife Home Loans. Save BIG with no administration fee on the construction loan and no origination fee on your permanent mortgage loan. Thousands of homeowners have trusted us with their dreams. Allow us to handle yours with care and simplicity. Our experienced experts will take you from blueprints to keys!

You have challenges. We have solutions:

  • Live in your current home until construction is complete*
  • Lock your permanent rate for 9 months
  • Get up to $5,000 with our EXCLUSIVE new build grant
  • Fast straight forward approval
  • Buy land with this loan and build on it

*A rental analysis on current residence may be used to aid qualification.

One Loan. Simplified Process. Lifetime Service. Call 801-478-4500 or fill out the Quick Approval Form.