Grant Programs

Get up to $2,000 to buy down your rate today!

<h2>Grant Programs</h2>
<p>Get up to $2,000 to buy down your rate today!</p>

Down Payment Assistance and Home Grant Options

RANLife is currently offering 2 grants to homeowners that qualify. In conjunction with Home Affordability we are offering up to a $2,000 credit to buy down your interest rate. Additionally, RANLife is currently offering our Home Stabilization Grant that could provide an additional credit to your closing costs.

There are hundreds of city and state housing grants available across the country to help assist you with the down payment on a home. Call now for more information. Certain eligibility restrictions apply. OAC.

RANLife specializes in these unique home purchase grant products and has the funding resources to approve most city and state grant and down payment assistance programs being offered today.


Grant Search is for Home Purchase Programs Only

Every grant program is different and thus has different restrictions and guidelines. These will vary from city to city and state to state.

City and State Housing Grant Search

Click the button above to see if there are grants in your municipality, city, or state that you might use for the down payment on a home.

No Down Payment Grant Programs

Grants and Down Payment Assistance Programs come in many different sizes and colors. Some you have to pay back with minimum payments, often as low as $50.00 per month. Some don't have any monthly payment requirement. Other programs don't require you to pay back anything, provided you stay in the home for a certain period of time. From income caps to zoning restrictions, the list goes on.

Contact a Grant Loan Specialist Online or toll free at (800) 461-4152 to learn more about how a Down Payment Assistance Program can help you.