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FHA Home Loans

RANLIfe is a Direct Endorsed Lender approved though the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

What Does This Mean to You?

It means RANLife Home Loans can close your loan faster than most banks and can also offer you extremely low FHA interest rates. It also means that you can rest assured and know you are working with a legitimate mortgage lender.

FHA Loan Eligibility

To start the process either fill out a Quick Online Application or fill out the FHA Fast Track on the right column. Our dedicated FHA loan officers will assist you with filling out the HUD 1003 application.

Once we receive your information, and as early as 24 hours from submitting a full application, we can have your approval and the following FHA requirements finished.

  • AUS Approval to approve credit through an automated underwriting system.
  • FHA Case Number to register homeowner with HUD.
  • CAVIRS Report to determine allowable entitlement.

Fill out our quick online application to get approved for a purchase or refinance today.

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Historically Low Rates & all costs paid for. There has never been a better time to lower your payments than right now

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If you closed on your loan before 6/2009 you may qualify for FHA's HARP program. Almost NO UFMIP (this is homeowners upfront mortgage insurance).

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Gift Fund for Down!

FHA allows the use of Gift Funds for down payment. Not a better time to buy a new home than right now.

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Cash Out FHA Refi!

Pay off your First and Second mortgage. Refinance your Non-FHA or FHA loan today.

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